Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas everyone...

I am so excited for Christmas and I hope you are too. Earlier today I was finally done with my Christmas shopping. I am absolutely terrible at buying presents. I wish my friends would just tell me what they want... within reason, obviously... Oh well, it's too late now. They have no choice but to like what they're getting!

It is now exactly 4.15 PM and I am scheduled for a tea break. I am in the middle of cooking for our annual Christmas Eve's dinner and I must say, I do love this tradition. However, every year the number seems to get bigger and bigger with a record breaking 21 people this year. I've done most of the preparations ahead of time and so lucky to have my friend, Dewi helping with all the last minute peeling and chopping. Whilst I am blogging, she's currently doing all the washing up. Have I mentioned she's a great friend? I'll let her have a break soon. You do know my nick name is slave-driver, right? lol.

Anyway, clock is ticking and I still have some last minute assembling job to do before everyone gets here. So, what I really am trying to say is: have a very Happy Christmas! May your day be filled with joy and laughters with plenty to eat and drink!


  1. merry christmas honey... let's have more lovely stuff from you soon xx

  2. 21 for dinner? I'd gladly help you, but there's a little problem of distance. May you wake tomorrow morning with the joy of the season in your pajamas.

  3. Hi Michael-Hope you are resting now, after all that cooking for 21 people...I'm exhausted just thinking about it.
    I received your card in time for Christmas, thank you ever so much!
    Hope you had a wonderful and joyous Christmas!

  4. Merry Chrissy Michael, still haven't left Italy. May 2012 be a year of more good food and big dreams :)