Sunday, 28 July 2013

White Chocolate and Coconut Brownies - Video

Don't worry, you have arrived at the right blog!  So, how are you liking the new layout?  I've been using the same template since I started this blog and I think it's time to give the blog an update.  I am still playing around with the design, so please bear with me...

I want to thank you to my talented friend Oflavia who created the blog header.  And a big thank you to everyone for your support on my previous video, Indonesian beef rendang.  It really gives us the encouragements and confidence to create more videos in the future.  And guess what, here's another one!

I was looking through my recipe journal and I came across this white chocolate and coconut brownie recipe which I have not made in years.  The last time I baked this I believe was second year at uni, so it's definitely going back a few years.  I had some friends over for a fajita dinner, and I served these brownies at the end of our meal.   They're so delicious, one of the guests gave me a kiss (oh you know who you are).

Whether if you're aiming for a kiss or not, you should give this a go.  They're not too sweet which I love, but that's a personal preference.  You can add the sugar quantity if you want to...  I love with every bite you get little nuggets of white chocolate and the combination with the coconut is gorgeous.

Before you watch the video, I want to talk you through some of the behind the scenes photos... and all the fun we had in the process.  Starting with the opening sequence as pictured below.  This two second clip was the longest to shoot.  We cut out a paper, and use this as a trace for the flour to create all the letters.  The using a small pastry brush we sharpen the edges, tidy them up and make it all... pretty.   I'm not very crafty and this was a true test of my patience... because not only we had to make this once, but twice... because the first shoot did not work (you'll see later in the video outtakes).

Here's the team hard at work :)

Next was the ingredients list photo shoot which involved me laying on the kitchen floor, under a chair.... We've all been there right?  Well, you've got to do what you've got to do.

Am I starting a new trend here? baking on the floor? No?

And here's the finished picture.  Please ignore my ridiculously veiny hand....

Without further a due, here's the new video!  I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoy creating it for you.  Please give it a thumbs up if you have YouTube account or subscribe for more videos in the future.  Thank you and enjoy the rest of your Sunday... x


  1. Ha! You had so much fun in making these brownies, hadn't you?!! Yes, I love the new layout, esp. the header...beautiful.
    White chocolate and coconut...right up my alley!

  2. Michael!!! So amazing!!! A YouTube star in an excellent video and beautiful brownies as well as a stunning new looking blog. Well done!!! All looks amazing.

  3. Oh thy're simply perfect!!!

  4. Lovely video, Michael. And writing the title in flour was such a clever idea.
    Going to put coconut milk in my next batch of brownies!

  5. Great new look, Michael!! I love the new header!
    And thanks for the "behind the scenes" tour, loving seeing how creations come together.

    The brownies look amazing... And yes, I would be willing to give kisses for them!! YUM!!!

  6. Michael, I love the new header on your blog, and of course your video; which was so much fun to watch how you were working on the floor. You are a total 'natural' for videos, with your flawless 'flowing' narration of your work...your charm, and your sweet smile (not to mention your natural culinary talent)

    Love the brownies, which is so different from any other brownies...with the white chocolate and the coconut; Yumm~

  7. That's a fine video - good work, everyone. I really like the new header. You're so lucky to have such talented friends. The brownies look great. As for under the kitchen chair - I usually call it my office because I'm there so often.

  8. Michael...yes, I had to look twice and make sure that this is really you :D
    Like the new look...and these brownies sound and look delicious, I love the white lines...
    Hope you are having a fun week :D

  9. Wow you definitely put a lot of work into your videos and it shows Michael!! Love it! :D

  10. Brilliant michael! So much work to do a video- I know firsthand, kudos to you for keeping it up. I want to do another soon but I just need to gather the energu. Looks like such mighty fun to do this with friends- I have to rope in a few more favours too ;) And brownies look delicious- I saw them on instagram earlier and was already drooling x

    1. my friend's making this for a party tonight- fingers x :)

    2. This is such an easy recipe. I'm sure your friend will do just fine. I hope yous will enjoy it :) x