Friday, 3 January 2014

Ayam Goreng Jawa - Javanese Style Fried Chicken - Video

Happy New Year everyone! Wishing you that the coming year is a delicious one... 

I hope all of you have recovered from the festivity and is excited to start the new year... I look forward to see what's 2014 going to bring and where it gonna takes me... Last year has not been my year, but I am gonna continue working hard to achieve my goals and keeping myself positive that things can only get better from here... One can only hope anyway.

I want to start this year where we left off with my Indonesian food series and also....*drum-rolls... a new video! Honestly, it's been really fun making these videos and I feel like I've gained a new skill as well, that is, to video edit.  When I was a media student, that's the one task I avoid as much as possible. For a group project when we had to create a television programme, I volunteered to write scripts, reports, build sets, everything else, but please don't make me edit. I mean it looks complicated but now that I'm slowly learning from video tutorials and the brilliant tech gurus of the internet, I surprisingly quite enjoy the process. What I still find strange is looking at myself in videos. 

Indonesian style fried chicken is a bit different. In a way that the chicken is cooked in advance by boiling in spices before frying.  The twice cooking step may sound tedious, but I promise it's so easy to do (you'll see soon in the video) and because the chicken is already fully cooked, the frying won't take as long.  

What makes these fried chicken, Javanese... is the spices I use to flavour the chicken. I often add my own take to a recipe, but this time, I'm keeping it pretty authentic with using only shallots, garlic, coriander, cumin and salt.  There's also candlenuts, but its main purpose really is as thickening agent to the spice paste.

Anyway, without further a due, here's the video for my Javanese style fried chicken... I hope you enjoy watching it, and don't forget to click the thumbs-up button if you do and subscribe for more videos :) Thank you!


  1. You did an amazing job with your video! Love, love it. The fried chicken with those amazing spices would be delicious. I like the idea of boiling first, very interesting.


  2. Another great video, Michael!! And the chicken looks mouthwatering!!

    Happy New Year to you... may it be filled with love and lots of great food!!

  3. Indonesian fried chicken sounds a lot like Sri Lankan fried chicken!
    Love it!
    Shashi @

  4. Michael, this is great! Looking forward to trying this "new" fried chicken.

  5. Michael, Happy New Year!
    The chicken looks lipsmackingly delicious. Thanks for sharing the video too.

  6. Wow Michael, these Javanse chicken look awesome, I love the freshness and that you cooked first before frying it...and yes, you are making me drool by watching you eating it...
    Happy New Year :D

  7. Happy New Year and Happy New Video Michael! This chicken looks mouthwateringly good! :D

  8. you have talent Michael hope you get a cooking show hugs and happy new year

  9. Happy New Year, dear Michael! I just love your creative fried chicken, using the blended flavors of the spices, boiling it to seep in the flavors, and then frying them...I also prefer the drumsticks and the thighs as well!
    I love your are so adorable with you perfect British accent, and your calm and easy-going manner. Keep on making more videos...they are so impeccably perfect!

  10. Happy 2014 to you, Micheal!

    Nice to start the new year with yummy fried chicken!!!