Monday, 9 November 2015

I'm back!

Greetings lovely readers... How is everyone doing? I hope you don't think that I've abandoned any of you :) No, not at all. The thing is, yes, I had been away. If you are a follower on my social media, such as Instagram (@michael_toa) and Twitter (@michaeltoa), surely this is nothing new to you. I've bombarded you with all the things I ate (loads, yes) and you know what I've been up to these last six weeks. 

I spent the last few weeks all over the world... in the States, Singapore, Indonesia and back to the place where I left my heart, the UK. It's great seeing and spending quality time with the family; catching up with many dear friends; and continuously learning and getting inspired about the thing I'm most passionate about: cooking and baking. 

I went to a bread course; got behind the scene of a bakery; ate at many lovely restaurants and pinched some recipes too along the way. I also got to meet one of my culinary inspirations, Nigella Lawson and I look forward to trying many of the recipes from her new book, Simply Nigella.  

There are so many stories and highlights from this trip I'd like to share, and I will do it in the upcoming posts and also videos ( 

But six weeks and eighteen flights later, I'm happy to be back on the island. I'm feeling refreshed with new inspirations and I look forward to getting creative again in the kitchen... So, see you around!




  1. Welcome back, Michael. And glad that you had a busy yet great time last few weeks. Look forward to the creations from your kitchen!