Sunday, 21 February 2010

lemony Sunday

I had a few lemons need using before they go dry; and when life gives you lemons, you have three choices. First, is to make a sour face. Second, is to make lemonade. And third, make Jamie’s Nan’s lemon drizzle cake.

This old-fashioned tea cake is actually the very first recipe I made from the book when I bought it a couple years ago. The cake is easy to make and it’s delicious. It is also very moist because after baking, it’s drizzled with lemon syrup.

I also have leftover minced beef from yesterday, not a lot, but just enough to make some meatballs for tonight’s meal, penne pasta with tomato and cream sauce and meatballs. I’m gonna use the same meatballs recipe from last night’s pappardelle. Adding a little lemon zests to the meat makes all the difference.

A friend whom I haven’t seen for a while is coming over for dinner later and I cannot wait to catch up.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday everyone.


  1. Well I can understand you getting stopped at Lemon Drizzle Cake Michael, but I have a what to do with lemon list that is MUCH longer!!!!!
    I hope you had a lovely catch up with your friend over your beautiful food!

  2. I know... the list is pretty much endless with lemons. :)

  3. Michael, the cake looks wonderful. I hope you have a grand visit with your friend. Have a lovely day.

  4. Thank you Mary for the comment. Much appreciated. I had a great time with my friend. Have a lovely day to you too :)