Tuesday, 11 May 2010

other interests

It sometimes surprises people that I have other interests apart from cooking and eating; because I do! (I think cooking and eating are more like obsessions, really. not just interests). I like travelling, I enjoy reading, I sing in a local community choir, I like playing badminton and squash even though I'm not the best player, and I love going to concerts and listening to live music.

This evening I'm going to see Jamie Cullum and tomorrow night is Michael Buble. I like going to concerts because I think it's the exhilaration of seeing my favourite performers play live; and to hear and see my favourite songs being performed live on stage. I cannot wait!

Oh, and yesterday, a woman from a prime-time British cookery television programme called me and we had a lovely chat. I don't want to jinx anything, but please keep your fingers crossed so that I get a call back. I am very nervous.

poached salmon steak for dinner.

gotta go now. Have a great night.


  1. :) It's nice to know your other interests. Great taste in music! I enjoyed going to gigs too, when I was younger!
    :) Good luck for the call, we're keeping our fingers crossed for you!!!
    Love poached salmon!
    Have a great night, have fun!!!!

  2. I'll rub my rabbit foot for you. If you lived closer I'd lend it to you :-). I hope everything goes well. Blessings...Mary