Tuesday, 22 June 2010

black angel tagliarini

After a long weekend of eating out, I'm glad to be back home and cooking again. For dinner tonight, and to continue with the project, I made black angel tagliarini. I've been wanting to try this recipe for a while but I was struggling to find the squid ink to make the fresh black pasta. And at my London trip on the weekend, I went to Harvey Nichols food hall and I found some dried black spaghetti which Jamie recommended to use as an alternative. Yay!!

Black pasta, if you never had it, it doesn't really taste any different to normal pasta.

The dish is called black angel tagliarini because the scallops are supposed to look like angels in the black pasta. I love this kind of recipe. It's so simple to make, the sauce comes together in minutes and it looks beautiful or angelic as one might say... The only thing to be careful though is not to over-cook the scallops as they'll become chewy.

The sauce itself is made of garlic, chilli, parsley, white wine, lemon juice and butter (and now you know why it's so delicious)...

I've also been very good with my time because I have tomorrow's dinner ready in the fridge. I cannot wait!

Have a good one.


  1. That is SUCH a cool dish!

  2. The Harvey Nichols food hall is so good! I love the sushi train. This pasta looks fantastic.

  3. Pasta looks amazing...Perfect for a wow presentation-Love it!

  4. Rick, I could probably live there (at the food hall). Thanks for stopping by.

    Magic of Spice, Thank you! and it tastes beautiful as well. :)