Thursday, 17 June 2010


Yesterday was another football night with the guys.
My friend Mark had this idea that every person must bring a dish from a country that's in the World Cup. On paper, it does sound like a great idea, doesn't it? You'll find out...

I made a pot of Turkey Corn Chilli. I couldn't decide whether it's a Mexican or American but it doesn't matter because both country are in the World Cup. The chilli was then used to make nachos. I piled up some corn tortilla chips on a baking tray, layered the chili and I sprinkled a generous amount of grated cheddar cheese before putting it in the oven until the cheese melted. I garnished the nachos with few dollops of sour cream and slices of jalapenos.

Next, we had Mark's Spanish chorizo and butter bean stew served with crusty bread. The chorizo and the beans was cooked in red onions, garlic, chopped tomatoes and smoked paprika (I love the smell of smoked paprika). It was delicious. However, at this point, speaking on behalf of everyone, we were already full. And with three more dishes to go, this didn't look good.

After some football, and just before the first half of the match finished, it was time for Adam's Ratatouille pasta bake, a French-Italian inspired dish. A lovely dish, I especially love the cheesy crust but I could only managed the tiniest portion.

We took another break during half time and coming up next is Leo's Japanese Beef Curry. It was nice but I was struggling, honestly. Just the thought of it makes me full already and I haven't had anything yet to eat today. This is not like me, because I always want to eat.

I was gonna make chocolate brownie pudding but I scraped the idea. We just couldn't eat anymore. Although saying that, we had two scoops each of mint and chocolate chips ice cream; something sweet and cool to finish.

Uruguay won the match leaving the World Cup host, South Africa disappointed.

And so it's true our eyes are bigger than our belly. We have now came up with a new idea. For the next football night or any nights, we should only have one or two dish to share.

Tomorrow I'm going down to London for a weekend full of food. God help me...


  1. I'm still feeling the effects today, I don't need to eat for a week!

    Lovely food though!