Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Grasshopper (Glee) Pie

Grasshopper cocktail is one of my favourite after-dinner drinks. It's sweet and refreshing. (However, it can be a little sickly if you have too many... How do I know? I've tried it.)

It's called 'grasshopper' because of its green colour which is provided by the crucial ingredient, Crème de Menthe (mint liquor). Typically the drink is made with equal parts of Crème de Menthe, Crème de Cacao Blanc (white chocolate liquor), and milk or cream. This is a 'shaken' cocktail which simply means all the ingredients are poured into a cocktail shaker with ice and then shake to mix before straining into a chilled cocktail glass. If you wish, a light dusting of cocoa powder at the end makes the cocktail extra special.

I was watching an episode of Glee last year, The Rhodes Not Taken. April Rhodes (played by the adorable Kristin Chenoweth) made her first appearance on Glee, if you can't remember what happened in this episode; and the Glee club performed one of my favourite performances from them, 'Somebody to Love'.

Anyway, let me get to my point, also in this episode, a character (Mrs. Schuester) ate four slices of grasshopper pie and I thought, "edible, chewable cocktail? I've got to try it!". But I didn't as I was busy with my other cooking project at the time.

This recipe is from from Nigella's new cook book Kitchen (The Nigella project may have already begun before I know it). And guess what? Her inspiration for this pie was from Glee!!

The base/crust of the pie is made with bourbon biscuits, dark chocolate and butter. And the delicious filling is made by melting some marshmallows with milk, adding the two necessary liquors and folding this mixture to some whipped cream. You can enhance the green-ness by adding a few drops of food colouring until it turns a light jade colour, but it's entirely optional. I did. I couldn't help it.

The pie then needs to chill in the fridge to set for at least four hours. I made it last night, so it's definitely ready to be served for my Glee evening with friends.

Before serving, crumble a bourbon biscuit and sprinkle on top of the pie... delicious!

So, Gleeks or not, enjoy!


  1. That looks and sounds amazing!! You can be sure I'll be giving this recipe a go! :)

  2. woo wow!!! I really have to cook this pie pretty soon!
    Looks too delicious!!!

  3. Oh wow, you made it! I was going to try this out this weekend but I am so glad you gave it a go and found it to be delicious. I can't wait to try it. I am a big Glee fan but I just started watching last season so I must have missed this particular episode. Are you enjoying Nigella's book? Definitely a great one.

  4. Hey Michael! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Oh goodness, I seriously love mint and chocolate. This looks amazing!

  5. Hi Michael! Thanks for stopping by my blog. This pie looks sinfully delicious!! Looks extremely rich, but I bet the mint would give it a more refreshing after taste. YUMMM well done :)

    I've followed your blog. Look forward to your future posts :)

  6. Believe it or not, I've never had a grasshopper pie. Nor did know that they involved bourbon biscuits - but both the pie and the biscuits sound amazing.

  7. My girls love grasshopper pie, but I have never made it. Yours looks delicious, and how can we go wrong with Nigella!

  8. Saw this on Nigella!!! Beleive it or not, we have never had a grasshoper, but we will have to make this!!!!

  9. What an amazingly delightful pie...
    Love bourbon biscuits and your pie turned out fantastically :)