Sunday, 31 October 2010

Lemon Polenta Cake

"If you were to imagine what lemon curd would taste like in cake form, this would be it."

Yes, you guessed it, this is from Nigella Kitchen... page 272.

This lemon polenta cake is utterly delicious. It's moist, buttery, rich and so refreshingly lemony. I also love the gritty, crumbly interior provided by the polenta and ground almond in place of flour here.

The dusting of icing sugar on top is my own touch to cover up the over 'goldenness' of the surface. I left the cake a little too long in the oven because I was replying to emails. Typical!


  1. Hahaa I'm guilty of overbaking cakes myself and covering it up with icing sugar :p

  2. Okay, I want me a slice of that lemon polenta cake, sugar coating and all! :-)

  3. Delicious!
    And the icing looks good on it! Who doesn't leave cakes in the oven longer than needed, when busy with the pc? :)

  4. Your cover up adds a lovely touch...So glad you are onto a new project here :)

  5. you've a nice profile description and i'm your new follower. met you thru Chef Dennis blog.