Friday, 26 November 2010

Chips Kebab

I hope all you had a great Thanksgiving.  I was away in London for work yesterday, and I just returned home today, so I'm not gonna have my Thanksgiving dinner until tomorrow... I cannot wait!

Here's the thing, I had a fantastic night in London and I had too much to drink.  I drank all sorts and when I woke up this morning, it was painful... It was not good.  Even the guy sitting next to me on the train noticed that the state of me was horrendous.

Few hours later and after two paracetamol, I am feeling much better and now I need food (read: carbs) to absorb last night's excesses.  I saw Nigella made this chips kebab few weeks ago in her TV show.  The idea of it was so bonkers that I have to try it!

This is what you do:
Get a flat bread of your choice, I use tortilla.  Smear it generously with hummus and pile the chips on top.  Squirt a little lemon and sprinkle with sea salt.  Roll and apply to face.

I need this.


  1. he he so British are you American though as you celebrate thansgiving?

  2. I used to live in the States and I love thanksgiving. I'm not gonna miss a day when I got to stuff my face all day long. Not that I need an excuse anyway... :)

  3. I'm glad you're feeling better, Michael. I'll wager that was one long train ride :-). The chips look and sound delicious. I hope you enjoy your feast. Blessings...Mary

  4. Hahahaaa :) You made me giggle with this one. Love the cure you've prescribed yourself, but have to agree a nice big salty dose of carbs are the business for cures such as yours my friend. Enjoy!

  5. WOW. Ultimate cure for the hangover. Must keep in mind for those excess Christmas drinks, lol.

  6. Ah! A hangover remedy!
    Leave it to Nigella! :)

  7. Too cute...and a new remedy is always useful :)