Monday, 4 January 2010

For a joyful new year

Happy New Year friends!

I was in London/Oxford the past few days celebrating the new year with some friends. Great fun. One of the highlights of the trip for me and the main reason for the trip was watching the fireworks across from the London Eye on New Year's Eve. I've seen it three times in the past five years and the show just got better and better, plus who doesn't like fireworks.

In Oxford, we went to Jamie's Italian and the food was out this world. Yum! I had the crispy squid, crispy polenta chips with parmesan and orange bellini to snack; and then my favourite, truffle tagliatelle for starter; I had the chicken cooked under a brick for my main; and two desserts, an affogato and a slice of the creamiest lemon ricotta cheesecake. I was on my greedy mode but I don't care. As Mae West said "too much of a good thing can be wonderful" and I live by that.

We all got back yesterday, almost missed the train, but we made it! Stupid Piccadilly line! Well, it's probably our fault for not reading the notice board, but it felt better blaming it on something else...

This evening was spent with dear friends watching our new favourite TV show 'GLEE'. It's awesome and I think everyone should watch it when the show starts in the UK next Monday on E4. I just finished the first season and cannot wait for the next one (I bought the episodes from US itunes, nothing illegal). The show reminded me of my high school years. I wasn't in the glee club, but I did sing with the Chamber and Men's Choir; and I had the greatest times singing and performing with them.

the GLEE marathon was accompanied with a plateful of roasted cranberry and sweet chilli chicken wings and a batch of fifteen chocolate brownies. Good times!

Going back to work and gym tomorrow.


  1. Sounds wonderful - I hope you all had a great time. And I DEFINATELY live by that Mae West quote, too! :)

  2. Arrrggghh. Why do you have to put that last paragraph about what came with the marathon?!? It's the fun part even when I don't like the series we were watching.

  3. Gabe, next time I'll try not mention food in my food blog... :)