Friday, 1 July 2011

I'm back! + Spuntino

That's right, I am back! and exhausted... but I have had an amazing past few weeks! Ah, the amount of food I ate is unbelievable. Yes, I gained weight, but not a problem... I was on holiday. I'm gonna start tackling these extra pounds tomorrow at the gym and will only be consuming the following in the mean time: miso soup, red wine, fruits and tranquillizer.

I missed all of you and I look forward to catch up. I also want to say a big Thank You for all of your wonderful comments on the previous post. They are very much appreciated. Next question is coming up soon. And to all my Canadian friends, Happy Canada Day to all of you!

Now that I'm back, I'm gonna tell you all about my trip, in chronological order and it began around three weeks ago with a late lunch at Spuntino in London. I was very excited to finally made my first visit to Spuntino as I have heard and read great reviews about this place. What was even more exciting, I went with my lovely friend Alex.

Located at the colourful Soho, amongst several sex shops and massage parlours, normally the easiest way to spot the restaurant is by seeing the queue of people waiting to get in. Though I suspect in the evening there may be several queues for other these businesses too... Anyway, back to the restaurant, it's first come, first serve basis only, no reservations. But that afternoon was quiet, Alex and I were seated immediately around the central bar on high stools. The waiter handed us the menu printed on brown paper which then doubles up as our place mats.

Whilst we were making our choices, we were given complimentary chilli popcorn which was nice, served in a tin cup.

Dishes comes in small portions and Alex had the ricotta, pea and radish crostini. I had a little bite of this and it was nice, but I must save some room as I greedily ordered not two, not three, but five dishes (some to share of course). Alex had been here a couple of times before and she recommended some of her favourites.

The next three dishes are the shoestring fries which was crispy and dangerously addictive; bite-size cheesy croque monsieur and eggplant chips with fennel yoghurt which I could happily eat all day long. The deep-fried aubergines were not at all greasy and the cool yoghurt combines with liquorish fennel works beautifully.

Next is the highly anticipated truffled egg toast. I absolutely love truffle and this toast is so, so good. The thick white bread is covered with melted cheese and in the centre of the bread is a pool of silky smooth egg yolk and truffle. Yum!

I was full but I couldn't resist the peanut butter and jelly sandwich especially that it's recommended by Alex. The bread part of the sandwich are actually peanut butter ice-cream, in between is raspberry compote and generously sprinkled on top and around the sandwich are candied nuts. Again, Yum!

I look forward to coming back to Spuntino again... You can also read Alex's review, here.


  1. What an interesting place...popcorn as a starter, very fun. Sounds like you have had such an adventure in your travels. Welcome back and wishing you a great weekend :)

  2. Wow! I love the idea of eating in London. All of these small meals look excellent.

    No doubt you had a wonderful trip, and have plenty to share with your readers.

    Welcome home. Rest up!

  3. Now I'm frightened, Michael. I don't know if I'll be able to keep up with you if we eat in London together. Your appetite is truly impressive!

  4. I want to follow you around and scrape your plate.. what delicious dishes!

  5. I heard of this place. Looks raw and unpretentiously comforting and owsome!
    So soon to return from Indo? Hope you've enjoyed it tho.

  6. @Angela: I have eating disorder. I simply cannot stop eating. But not too worry. When are you coming to London?

    @Maureen: Well, you are very welcome to follow me. I promise I'll share :)

    @Pierre: Had a great time in Indo. Stories coming up later. Hope you're well.

  7. My gosh, I feel myself gaining weight just reading about Spuntino. Glad to have you back. How about you post some Indonesian foods? (Maybe you already have, but I haven't been a follower for all that long.)

  8. Sounds amazing right up to the point of "fennel". Fennel is one of those things that I want to like, it looks so fresh and crispy but anything remotely related to liquorice or aniseed are right at the top of my food hell list. Great post.

  9. @Stephen: Just wait and see... Loads of Indonesian food coming up soon.

    @Natalie: Fennel is a flavour that grows on me. I didn't always like it, but now I love it :)

  10. Welcome back!
    I love that truffled egg look great too.

  11. Michael, I just love, love, those string fries...since I'm a huge potato lover. Also that yummy peanut butter jelly, ice cream sandwich!
    ...and who says the British do not have good food?...totally untrue "myth"!!!

  12. Welcome back Michael!! Glad to see you had such a wonderful trip... and full of such amazing goodies!!! YUM!

  13. Have really enjoyed reading of your travels. This food looks tasty! Yay Brits :)

  14. Michael, gosh I have an eating disorder too and I imagine our table will be STACKED with dishes if we ever ate out together! LOL. I loved everything that you ordered here but the truffled egg toast takes the crown for me. Droolicious...

    Btw, welcome back. Missed you while you were away!