Tuesday, 9 March 2010

dinner-lady carrots

The only thing that keep me going at work and running at the gym today was knowing that I'm gonna eat well in the evening.

For dinner tonight, I had roasted chicken wrapped in pancetta, savoy cabbage with Worcestershire sauce and dinner-lady carrots.

The carrots were delish. It's flavoured with garlic, orange, parsley, white wine and then baked until perfectly cooked. yum...

Today is day 190, recipe number 86.
I think I'm running a little behind, but I keep reminding myself that the idea is not to just make all the recipes, but to 'master' them. There are many recipes from the book that I have made 5 or 6 times; some because they're delicious and some because I need to get them right. But still, another 78 to go. I better get cooking!


  1. i don't mind eating at 'Mmmm' 78 more times...

  2. Yum!
    I think it is more important to enjoy the recipes than keep up with the schedule!!!!!!

  3. Carla: I'd be more than happy to have you around anytime...

    Joy: Yes!! So far I enjoy making all the recipes as you can probably tell. There may be a couple of recipes that are just alright, but they're mostly YUM!