Sunday, 14 March 2010


This is a quick one because I'm still sleepy. I had some friends over yesterday for dinner. Leo and Merlyn are regulars at my place. Ayesha came for the first time and she is a vegetarian.

It wasn't difficult at all for me to plan what I'm gonna cook since I always have meat-free dinners anyway, two or three times a week. I could easily be a vegetarian if it wasn't for bacon... and duck... and...oh, who am I kidding?!? I can't be a vegetarian. My favourite animal is cow. They're cute and tasty.

Anyway, I found a very nice recipe by Dave Barker in Jamie's magazine, leek, wild mushroom and spinach lasagne (the sound of it makes me drool). YUM! It truly is a real comfort food. Thanks Dave!

I also made ciabatta bread for the first time and it turned out pretty good :) YAY!

After dinner we had (fifteen) chocolate brownies; followed by pear and apple crumbles with Jamie's proper custard.

I love custard but it's something I never made before. I usually get it in a tin. It's just amazing how easy it is to make from scratch with only 5 ingredients: milk, cream, vanilla, sugar and egg yolks.

And I, once again, succeed to almost stuffed my guests to death. MUAHAHAHA.... (my evil laugh)

This morning, my friend Helen got some free cinema tickets and we went to see the blind side, and if you have not seen it, go and see it!

I'm going back to bed now...

and one more thing: Happy Mother's Day. I love you Mom!

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