Monday, 29 March 2010

so, last night...

I made tomato, basil and ricotta risotto. delish!

After the risotto, we had turkey stuffed shells with arrabbiata sauce. This dish was specially made for my friend Adam who doesn't eat poultry. And I am determine to convert him. I thought I'd start with something not too obvious like roast chicken or duck. He liked it and I was very pleased.

We took a little break, and then it was time for desserts. I made Jamie's bloomin' easy vanilla cheesecake. I've made this before and the second time was YUMMIER! I love the addition of orange and lemon zests to the cheesecake. Megan has this phobia of orange and I did mention it to her about the zests in the cake and guess what?!? She had a second slice. It must have been nice then :)

And according to my friend Helen who never had cheesecake until last night, it was "too delicious for words!!!"

The cheesecake supposed to be served with cherry compote, but I couldn't find cherries anywhere, so I substituted with fresh strawberries instead.

In my attempt to recreate that oh-so-good dessert I had in London few weeks ago, I made my version of tiramisu cream served in shot glasses. Yes, more food. Don't say I never look after my friends. :) The tiramisu cream was out of this world. I love anything tiramisu. If today was my last day on earth, and I had to choose one last dessert, it will be tiramisu.

Today is day 210, recipe 96. leftovers for dinner. yum.


  1. I actually can't believe you got Megan to eat ORANGE! :O

  2. Lovely food! Arrabbiata Sauce is my absolute favourite these days and those desserts are to die for!

  3. Carla: Yes, I did! I feel like a food missionary... hehe

    Joy: I couldn't agree more. :)

  4. Hmm, arrabbiata sauce, delicious, I love it!
    You're truly talented!!!
    Thanks for the
    comment on my blog!
    wish you a happy easter too!