Friday, 2 April 2010

long weekend at last

So for dinner tonight I made steamed broccoli with beurre blanc. I love saying it: beurre blanc; because, one, it involves one of my favourite ingredients, butter; and two, it’s in French and sounds very chef-y. And is it just me or do you also think anything sounds better in French?

If you don’t know, beurre blanc is this delicate sauce made with white wine, shallots, peppercorn, oregano, tarragon and butter. Delicious. Jamie says the sauce goes well with any green veg, like asparagus, broccoli or mangetouts.

With the broccoli, I also made double beef burger topped with beef tomatoes, wholegrain mustard and caramelised onion. I know, I know, they’re not exactly the perfect match, but I’ve been craving for a burger since this morning.

I’ve also been very good with my time today. My friends Adam and Claire are coming for a visit from Birmingham tomorrow and I’ve been baking. I made a loaf of chocolate cake ready to be indulged along with other dish which I have not decided yet (fish or pasta or both, maybe) and cold drinks. I cannot wait!

What are you cooking this Easter weekend?


  1. hmm, some more yummy food! I agree, Beurre blanc sounds really chefy and "professional".
    :) For Easter I have baked as well, many sardinian cakes (delicious) and a salty breadcrust cake we use to make for Easter with spinaches, ricotta and hardboiled eggs.
    :) Your weekend menu sounds great!
    Wish you Happy Easter,

  2. Mmm, I would LOVE broccoli with buerre blanc!

  3. This Easter I'll be baking lots of cookies and making a MASSIVE batch of your sweetcorn soup for my long-suffering boyfriend. :DD

  4. Annalisa: that's just wonderful. I'd love to try that sardinian cakes.

    Joy: Me too. :)

    Carla: I don't mind getting a batch of your cookies. hehe...

  5. Hi Michael! We'll be spending the holiday in a small cottage that overlooks the Pacific Ocean. I've brought gravlax with me and plan to have double cut lamb chops to go along with it. There will also be a vegetable ragout and a warm lemon sponge with apricot sauce for dessert. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Blessings...Mary

  6. Mary, I'm packing my bag and will be coming to yours :) What a lovely spread!
    You have a very good weekend as well.