Thursday, 25 August 2011

Jumbo Chilli Sauce

I find it very difficult to study at the library. Every body looks so serious and it's just too silent for my liking (Michael, it's a library not a night club, what do you expect... duh!). I like listening to music whilst studying. At home I can connect my ipod to the speakers and I put it on shuffle. Sometimes, when the song is good, I do my chair dance, you know, the one when you're sitting and just concentrating on upper body movements, neck, shoulder, hands. But in the moment of stress, I get up and do a proper dance. I can't really do that at the library. I tried, but my moves were not welcomed. Some said it's too raunchy. Just kidding. Maybe actually because it's horrible. I dance better after at least a couple of drinks.

But here's another problem: no food or drinks allowed at the library. This is one very strict rule and not just frowned upon I've been told. That's my biggest problem. I must have snacks... fruits, protein bars, cheesecake, jug of butter, etc. Today I thought I treat myself to this dangerously addictive jumbo chilli sauce. It's so easy, all done in a food processor. I have made this sauce several times before and though I can't handle spicy things, strangely, the dip seems to get hotter and hotter every time I make it and I cannot get enough of it! Great for dipping with tortilla crisps, but I must say it is delicious with cold chicken or prawns.

Dissertation is nearly done! Yay! Maybe I'll do a little dance now.

Jumbo Chilli Sauce
Recipe by Nigella Lawson

1 x 290 g jar roasted peppers (190 g drained weight)
3 red chillies
1 small garlic clove, peeled
zest of 1 lime, plus 1 tablespoon lime juice
80 g bunch fresh coriander (cilantro)
2 - 3 teaspoons sea salt flakes or to taste
125 ml ground nut oil or any flavourless oil

Drain the jar of roasted peppers and put them into the bowl of a food processor. Take the stalks off the chillies and add to the processor (de-seed them if you don't want the sauce really hot). Tip in the garlic clove, lime zest and juice. Cut the stalks of the coriander and add these too. Blend until paste-like.

Add the coriander leaves and salt and blend again. The gradually pour the oil down the funnel of the processor as the motor is running. It will come together as a sauce, runnier than salsa but is still soft and spoonable (rather than a pouring sauce).


  1. I agree - I need snacks when doing hard work too.
    I reckon Steve would love that sauce to go with his endless supply of tortillas - will give it a try sometime. Is the recipe in one of her books?

  2. Maybe you have mentioned this before? What is your dissertation topic? Reply to if you have a moment.

    I love the look of this chile sauce. I fear I would need to tone it down for Peter.

  3. You know you can sneak food in. You eat whenever there is no security guard or librarian on sight and hide when you see them.

    I can image the flavors of this chilli sauce, especially with roasted peppers. Good luck on finishing your dissertation.

  4. oooooooh I am definitely going to have to make this since I love spicy food!

    good luck with dissertation! love what you said about chair dance and jug of butter hahaha!

  5. Close to finish yet?
    I really hope you'll get your life back. Hahaha. You know I always need to listen to music everywhere I study. It helps with stamina, but I don't need to eat during study... more like reading cookbook or cook. Hahaha.
    I love spicy food though, and I would love that dip and nachos right now.

  6. The chili sauce looks lovely.. and sounds delicious!

    I'm with you on the studying at the library - I am pretty sure I got banned from at least one library in my life!! lol

  7. Yeah, I remember those days in the library! This was in the Chicago Tribune yesterday and what a story about this fellow studying in the library for his bar exam for years in a life of isolation. It sounds like the worst of libraries!!! Here's the link if you want to check it out:,0,5763735.story

    Like your sauce; it sounds spicy good to me!

  8. oh..library...don't even want to think about it.
    The chilli sauce sounds cool...i meant HOT!

  9. All those peppers are so good for you. What a great snacking dip...especially after time spent in the food-barren library!

  10. It sounds like we share the same skills when it comes to dancing. And I could never study in the library either. It's been a while but I think food was the big factor too. Love this recipe. It sounds super tasty

    Good luck with your dissertation!

  11. We have an awesome library here locally downtown which is super modern, 4 stories, and you can spend an entire day there and not get bored...if you get hungry, they also have a cute little cafe'
    Love your chilli me this would be a staple item that I would keep in a large mason jar, and never run out of it. Keep it on hand, for a lot of uses, to perk up various foods, as well:DDD

  12. Just sneak in a cocktail and a few snacks, then do your dance :) Oh wait, finish your dissertation first, in case they boot you out ;)
    I could eat a bowl of this sauce all by it's lonesome...fantastic flavors :)