Saturday, 20 August 2011

Omelette with Caramelised Red Onion and Mexican Cheddar

I really fancy an omelette for lunch earlier, possibly because I was watching Saturday Kitchen Live on the BBC with its weekly omelette challenge. Whilst watching the show I picked up Julia Child's book, a staple on my coffee table, and I perused through the eggs chapter in the book for some delicious inspiration. I am actually not that fussed, I quite like a 'plain' omelette, you know, eggs, salt, pepper and butter. But since it's the weekend, why not make it a special one.

As I was reading, I found a rather interesting technique for making l'omelette roulée:

Grasp the handle of the pan with both hands, thumbs on top, and immediately begin jerking the pan vigorously and roughly toward you at an eve, 20-degree angle over the heat, one jerk per second. It is the sharp pull of the pan toward you which throws the eggs against the far lip of the pan, then back over the bottom surface. You must have the courage to be rough or the eggs will not loosen themselves from the bottom of the pan. After several jerks, the eggs will begin to thicken.

Is it really just me? Are you thinking what I'm thinking? No? OK, maybe it's just me. I am easily amused. Sorry...

Anyway, when I finally managed to move myself from the sofa to the kitchen, I found a sad-looking leftover red onion in the fridge and a small piece of Mexican cheddar with bits of jalapeños and red pepper from last night's bean and cheese burrito. I sautéed the roughly diced red onions in some butter until translucent, letting the edges brown a bit. Then I added a little more butter, followed by a couple of eggs, salt and pepper, letting them settle until just starting to set before scattering the grated cheese. Working quickly, because I like my omelette slightly oozing, I folded the omelette gently with a spatula and it's time to eat.

It was so good or maybe I'm just greedy, I had to make myself another one. Who am I kidding.

Enjoy your weekend everyone.

Update: I did not upload a photo to go along with the post yesterday because I didn't think it's good enough. But since some of you asked for it, there you go :)


  1. I had an omelette out at a restaurant on Tuesday. It was garnished with a slice of smoked salmon. The flavor was fine, but the eggs were a little too dry for my taste. I've thought all week about making an omelette at home. I've made many of them over the years, but it has been quite a while since my last one. I think I'll do some planning and then post my version on my blog. Best for the rest of the weekend. (We're going to someone's house for dinner who I do not know. AAAArgh)

  2. You really can't beat a good omelette!

  3. Hahaha... jerk n jiggle huh? Hahaha!
    Maybe it's a trick you can do in a bed? ;P
    Enjoy your weekend too! I'm missin some western food already now...

  4. hey, I know that technique - it's one we use to jump-start and caramelize sucs on the bottom of the pan creating luscious depth to foods and with a quick action of the wrist, a turnabout to an incredible pan of perfection be it eggs or whatever...
    sounds to me like a perfected omelet...

  5. Somewhere in your post, I started to recall my 9th-grade biology lesson...haha. I've never been able to make the perfect omelette ever, they always tear apart and my kids consider me a Sunday breakfast-provider failure just for this. Maybe I'll try that technique you described!

  6. No photo? Yum...I love omelette with cheese...fried in butter.

  7. I think I'm thinking what you are thinking, but maybe I'm thinking something different and don't want to say what it is because what if it's not what you are thinking...... :)
    Simple is my favorite way to enjoy an omelette... will need to try this technique!

  8. OK, So you made a fabulous omelette...I need the photo, to link back to, for my new post.
    I visited an egg farm out west from here with daughter Lora, grandchildren and her friend. Did not get to make a delicious omelette from the farm eggs, so now I have to dig back into my earlier post to show one!
    Glad you had a nice weekend, Michael!

  9. Found you through Elisabeth's blog! Ahhh, an omelette like this is good way to use up food sitting around in the fridge. The picture look great!

  10. Nice! I made a nice omelette the other day too. I used regular white onion, fresh tomato, bell pepper and some turkey. It was delicious and now I want another one thanks to you! LOL!

  11. This sounds really tasty and something new to try. Thanks for sharing this.