Monday, 22 August 2011

I've been tagged... Seven Links

So, there's a game going around the blogging world called Seven Links. Basically there are seven questions that you must answer using your previous posts. My friend Elisabeth of Food and Thrift Finds tagged me, so here are my answers:

1. The most beautiful post

I must say, presentation is not a natural thing for me. I'm not very good with fancy plating or food origami and added to that my impatience and very amateur photography skill. But I do try from time to time and I just happen to really like the look of this Baked Cherry Chocolate Mousse with Vanilla Cream and Fresh Cherries that I baked for my friend Kelly for her farewell dinner. Runner Ups: French Fruit Tart, French Apple Tart, French Epiphany Pastry... Is it just me or you're also sensing a re-occurring theme here?

2. The most popular post

Thank you to the 'stats' thingy on blogger, I can check the most popular post on this blog and the title goes to these Sweet and Salty Crunchy Nut Bars. They are very addictive, so be very careful. Second in this category is the Fully Loaded Potato Skins. These potatoes are topped with crispy bacon. Enough said I think. Followed by Middle-Eastern inspired Sticky Semolina Cake. Also, very delicious.

3. The most controversial post

I must say this is a difficult one. I never posted anything controversial. Should I? Instead I'm going to tell you a controversial story about myself... errrr.... but I don't have one either *sigh... Perhaps a not so recent non-accidental, much needed public exposure at a well-known... wait, nobody wants to read about that... Next!

4. The most helpful post

Few months ago, on Red Nose Day, to raise money for a very good cause, my friends and I hosted a bake sale at work and this Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake was on offer and they were very popular. To this day, people at work still talk about it. I think it's actually a not-so-subtle-hint for me to bake this again and bring them to the office. Also on offer that day: Chocolate Guinness Cake and Clementine Cake.

5. Post that's surprisingly successful

Chocolate Beetroot Cake. Sounds weird but seriously, you have got to try it. Strangely, you won't really taste the beetroot, but they just blend beautifully with the cocoa and they keep the cake wonderfully moist.

6. Post that did not get attention it deserved

I absolutely love this Pear Tarte Tatin & Apple Ice Cream and I know you will too.

7. Post you are most proud of

This overnight slow-roasted pork is the last recipe from my "cook with Jamie" project almost a year ago. I really wanted to become a better cook and so I cooked my way through Jamie Oliver's My Guide to Making You a Better Cook - cookbook. I had a great time cooking, baking and tasting all 164 dishes in that book. I learned how to make fresh pasta, prepare live lobsters and crabs, oh, it was such fun looking back now. On the last day of the project, I invited some friends over for dinner and this pork was the star of the evening. It was so meltingly tender after about 8 hours of cooking and the crackling, oh the crackling... utterly delicious! Served with some greens, borlotti beans and few bottles of rose :)

I am actually rather surprised that some of the most searched posts in this blog are mainly desserts/baking posts. How interesting. Thank you again Elisabeth for the tag. I had fun compiling the answers. Now, as part of the game, I must tag 5 other bloggers, they are:

Angela at The Good Soup
Jenn at Jenn's Food Journey
Joanie at The Artist Chef
Maya at Foodiva's Kitchen
Pierre at Little Hungry Heart

I won't be offended if you decided not to play, but I'll probably like you less. Just kidding.


  1. Michael, I was really looking forward to your answer to No. 3! I think you're holding out on the good stuff, the news breaking stuff...haha. Thanks so much for tagging me, I'll definitely give it a go, it looks like fun! I enjoyed looking back through all your lovely posts here, it seems like we've been blogging friends forever ;-).

    PS. I sent you an email about that London Hotel, and it was Sofitel Heathrow.

  2. Michael, I'm so happy that you did the 7 Links Tag...also so proud of you that you did such a beautiful job of uploading your best!

    You chocolate mousse cake with the vanilla cream and the cherries was the most beautiful
    post...the presentation, and the photo of it turned out beautiful, as well. You just don't give enough credit to yourself!
    Each and every one of them are so right to the point the way you picked them.
    Yes, and the slow roasted pork, is something I would certainly be proud of, as well!

    BTW-I did link back to you about your omelette...thanks so much for posting the photo, it looks every bit yummy as you described it.
    Also, thanks for mentioning me about tagging you. It was so much fun, I'm glad you enjoyed it too. (even if it took a couple hours out of your time)...well worth it my friend!

  3. Great trip down memory lane. As for the controversy, I think putting beets in baked goods is controversial. Spinach too. I suppose arsenic would be. Remember: controversy gets you everywhere. Look at Lindsay Lohan.

  4. I'm loving these look back blog posts, there's so much deliciousness that I missed before I was a follower!!! What a great way to show off your hard blog work to readers :) Beautiful stuff Michael!

  5. I can't believe I've been away from your blog so much that I missed some of these posts!! Time for me to catch up! :) I really want to know about #3 though!!

  6. I was tagged in this game too and it's such a fun idea! I really enjoyed reading yours and seeing it from your perspective too! :D

  7. Great post Michael... I loved that cherry chocolate cake. It was a stunner. So nice to see post from before I was a follower. You have a lovely blog and doing that Jamie Oliver thing is so inspiring. Great to know you a little better. X

  8. I must agree that the most beautiful post was that cake! I was really mesmerized the day you posted that. I was drooling over it! I even wanted to bake and copy your recipe but baking is not my specialty. But I started baking and my sponge matcha cake is pretty much a success! I think I would enjoy it more. Thanks so much Michael for tagging, it's interesting to answer that question as well. I'll find time to do it..when i am less busy in the coming days! Wait for my good news post! :D

  9. I'm not risking you liking me any less, so I'm in :) I might not get to it right away, but I'm totally up for this. I think it will be interesting. Thanks!

  10. That pork is what does it for me. But then I'm a protein kind of guy.

  11. All the links posted are fabulous! I love that crunchy nut bars, simply irresistible...

  12. the links...they are absolutely nice reminders :-)
    Hope you are having a wonderful week!

  13. bravo michael and a lovely montage of posts here - your fully loaded potato skins have my stomach growling!!! I think the pear tarte tatin and apple ice cream sounds absolutely heavenly, definitely a post worth revisiting!!

  14. The first one is drool-worthy gorgeous! And what a shame - the tatin and apple ice cream sound really good - they remind me of Thanksgiving.

  15. I got tagged too and really should get down to doing this because it's so much fun looking at all these old entries, before I foudn your blog. The slow roasted pork looks divine!

  16. Michael, I really enjoyed that, thanks.
    It's interesting :-)
    I really should join in.

  17. gotta love anyone cooking their way through one of Jamie's books, I think I've sat through happier funerals.......that said, gotta love that slow-roasted pork, reading of the crackling made my tongue quiver...and I know I am gonna have to go find those salty nut bars... have a great week--end

  18. Great round-up of some of your old recipes. I was hoping to see an actual answer for #3. I love how your tarte tatin turned out so beautifully, it should have taken much more attention definitely. I thought of combining chocolate with beetroot somehow, I wasn't sure if it worked. Now, I see why you love pork so much :)

    Oh yeah, if you pass by Montreal, I can give you a 1-week food adventure. Try and perfect your French, that would be a plus.

  19. The are all fantastic posts, but I must say I have to agree with #1 that is one stunning beauty of a cake/Tart!

  20. Still haven't got onto this, Michael, but I will! I'm quite excited about it, actually, just haven't had time. Thanks for linking me to the challenge, I promise I won't let you down! I daren't... ;)