Sunday, 15 August 2010

2. Roast fore rib of beef with beetroot and horseradish

I reward myself once in a while with a really good joint of beef. For something that looks stunning and magnificent on the table, and tastes delicious too, it's got to be fore rib of beef.

Fore rib cut of beef makes the perfect Sunday roast. Obviously, roasts aren't just for Sunday. I'd happily have roast chicken, pork, lamb or beef on any days. But what's great about Sunday, for me anyway, I have the extra time to make something more special for lunch or dinner. And Sunday roast itself is a treat I think before Monday kicks again (although saying that, I just realised I'm off work tomorrow! Yay!).

Jamie's recipe for roast fore rib of beef with beetroot and horseradish has caught my eye for sometime and I'm so happy to finally made it today.

The rib of beef was rubbed with a delicious paste made with freshly picked rosemary leaves, lemon zest, garlic, anchovies and extra virgin olive oil before roasting in the oven until it's cooked to medium (that's the way I like it, but feel free to cook the meat to your liking, still mooing or really dead, it's up to you).

The accompaniment to the beef was sweet and sticky beetroots that have been marinated in a mixture of thyme, balsamic vinegar, garlic and olive oil and then roasted alongside the beef. I never knew beetroots and beef work so well together until today. And of course, you've got to have potatoes and so I made rosemary, garlic and lemon roast potatoes and they were a big hit among my friends.

The perfect condiment to the roast beef is horseradish sauce. The sauce is made by mixing crème fraîche, grated horseradish, lemon juice and chopped parsley. Yum... I love the spicy, lemony flavour in the sauce.

Earlier this afternoon, my friends asked me to teach them to make chocolate mousse and so with pleasure I taught them how to make the simplest chocolate-hazelnuts mousse which we enjoyed after dinner.

One recipe to go...


  1. What a lovely meal Michael. I hope your friends are appreciative of your efforts on their behalf. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

  2. Everything looks fantastic Michael. The roast is perfect! And that :)