Monday, 2 August 2010

Leftover stew risotto

I love leftovers! I rarely have any, but when I do it's always exciting. I can create a whole different menu just from leftovers. And this new menu will take half of the effort because most of the ingredients are already done.

This is another recipe from Jamie's book which I really like. But let's be honest, it's not the most sophisticated title for a recipe. You just wouldn't find this in a restaurant - leftover stew risotto, anyone?

But I suppose, it is the kind of meal you enjoy at the comfort of your own home. Sitting on a sofa, whilst watching your favourite TV programmes and drinks of your choice (mine will be cider).

the leftover stew risotto was served with leftover rocket leaves....

What's your favourite leftovers?


  1. I've always wanted to make risotto! Yours looks super creamy. YUM!
    My favorite leftover? Hmmmm, can't really think of a fav. Maybe Pad See Ew, but if I'm eating it, there are no leftovers! haha

  2. The only risotto I ever made was this saffron risotto and it wiped my entire wallet clean.

  3. AJ, thank you. it was YUM indeed. I haven't had pad see ew in ages. I'm craving for one now and I can tell you now that there will be no leftovers as well.

    Vasile, thanks. and it tasted delish as well. :)

    Rick, ouch... how much saffron did you buy?

  4. Your risotto looks great...some things are just so good leftover some even better than the 1st day. I am bad with leftover salmon and shrimp, cold from the fridge my favorite snack food:)

  5. Me too. I couldn't help it as well. I think, dishes like chilli or curry is better the next day.