Wednesday, 4 August 2010

baked and dressed courgettes

I went to the market today and the courgettes were on sale. So I bought a big bag of them. I don't need all of them, as I'm only cooking for one, but it's cheaper that way than just buying a few. I just couldn't resist this kind of offer.

I love courgettes and I think they are at their best in the summer. Jamie has a sub-chapter on courgettes in the book, and so this evening for a quick and ultra-easy meal, I made baked and dressed courgettes.

This recipe is so easy; it's more a method than a recipe. This is what you need to do: wash and dry the courgettes, the toss in olive oil with a generous amount of sea salt and freshly ground black pepper. Bake in a pre-heated oven for 15 minutes until soft and the skin has blistered. Once out of the oven, dress with red wine vinegar, chopped parsley and mint leaves; and balance the flavours with peppery extra virgin olive oil and more seasoning if needed.

Yes, the courgettes looked very simple, but they tasted very nice and took no effort at all to make (well, very little effort)...

I really need to go to bed now. Have a good night/morning, depending where you are.


  1. Hey Michael... Those courgettes look delish and the carrot cake - to die for!
    I've presented you with an award at my site, go check it out:

    You have a lovely day!

  2. lovely, lovely...I bake courgettes in a similar way and I totally agree, they're easy to make and taste very good!
    Great dish again, just like the carrot cake!